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Come and look at my art! It will be mostly anime or ppg or even Undertale so enjoy!


My favorite comics or art!



Oc {BRAND NEW} by Angellover5656
Oh poop...I wasn't gonna have an oc just a mascot...uhhh... OK OK I'll stop! XD yes this is my oc ( this is a huge ripoff of Alluka from hunter x hunter XD) so original inspiration is from Alluka Hunter X Hunter. Her name is Izumi ( fountain;spring ) and her last name is Kaede (Maple) she is an assassin. She has a huge crush on Killua Zoldyck, her best friend is Alluka/Nanika. Izumi could grant wishes (same rules apply like Alluka/Nanika's) she blocks with her clothes (kimono) so she has her servants sew them together. her age is 11, she has 13 doors to her room there metal and code doors, she has the strength of an 5 yr old. She's very kind and caring to ppl she knows, she is a bit overprotective about Nozomi (sorta like Nanika the dark side of Izumi aka her name means Rare;Wish)

Ok family history!
Family members: Grandfather (Haruto),Grandmother (Yui),Dad (Sora, Mom (Hina), Older brother (Ren), 2nd older brother (Hiroto), 3rd oldest brother (Yuuto), Izumi/Nozomi youngest sister's, 2nd youngest sister (Mei)
Skills: Electricity, speed,hacks

Her info!
Age:11 (a bit younger than Alluka/Nanika)
Name: Izumi/Nozomi Kaede
Strength: 5 yr old strength
Personality: Caring, kawaii, weak but as Nozomi she is unemotional (expect sadness and happiness and angry), agreeable, weak
Powers: Wish Granting, Mind control

Ok so Izumi and Nozomi belongs to me expect Alluka/Nanika and Killua and the Zoldycks and Hunter X Hunter they belong to the creators of Hunter X Hunter.
Akara Rin by Angellover5656
Akara Rin
I got the Blank idea from an anime called no game no life and yea.
her brother is Tep or Ted idk in no game no life, more info on her will be released soon.
base and hair and eyes belongs to Assassination Classroom Kayano Kaede .but the girl belongs to me
Kayano X Nagisa by Angellover5656
Kayano X Nagisa
Nagisa Shiota and Kayano Kaede belongs to Assassination Classroom

Base and owner:… :iconpartybases:

I'll only use bases if I can't do something :) but ill attempt first and if I quit I use a base XD Or I like this base and I would use it :)
Some of My Class in Assassination Classroom by Angellover5656
Some of My Class in Assassination Classroom
All characters other than Kendall and Kamri belongs to Assassination Classroom

Kendall belongs to: :iconiiawesomeducksii:

Kamri belongs to: :iconangellover5656:

Base and owner:… :iconsunnybearbases:

I decided I didn't want the blur because then it'll be blury -.-
Ask Kamri #2 by Angellover5656
Ask Kamri #2
Kamri: Kendall!!! I thought you wouldn't do that! WAAAAAA *Whispers under breath* Y-Yea I like him...W-Why?
Karma: U-Uh Kendall? Why r u thinking that? *Whispers to Kendall* And to answer your question, Yes I do Like her back....
Kendall: *Screams*

Art belongs to me
Karma belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kendall belongs to: :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Kamri belongs to: :iconangellover5656:
Lexie by Angellover5656
Lexie belongs to: :iconlexielou04:
This is my art for her contest :) Go Check out Lexielou04's contest!! And Congrats to Lexielou04 for reaching 200 WATCHERS!!!!!
*Crowd cheers* XD Congrats Lexie!
Ask Kamri #1 by Angellover5656
Ask Kamri #1
Q:Kamri, am I Awesome? jk jk Why do u love Karma the guy I don't really like..... Karma Grinning 

A: I would be lying if I said you weren't awesome. You're awesome :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Uhm...K-Karma's....Handsome... *Blushes*

Keep in touch for next time!
Friends in Assassination Classroom (some) by Angellover5656
Friends in Assassination Classroom (some)
Kaeda Kayano,Nagisa Shiota,Karma Akabane, Ritsu belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kamri belongs to :iconangellover5656:
Ask Kamri by Angellover5656
Ask Kamri
Hey! So not very much ppl comment on my page so I may do different questions but with the same person...And you may ask others like:
Karma,Nagisa,Kayano,Ritsu, Kendall etc as long as Kamri gets to be in it :)

Karma,Nagisa,Kayano,Ritsu belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kendall belongs to :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Switching by Angellover5656
Kendall: :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Kamri: :iconangellover5656:

Please do not steal my art thank u
and this is just switching clothes and hairstyles
Kamri Selves by Angellover5656
Kamri Selves
Names starting from the left:
Kamri Akara
Kiera Akara
Kyle Akara
Kris Akara

Do not steal my art thank u
Alice Human Sacrifice Art by Angellover5656
Alice Human Sacrifice Art
Ok first off
Do not steal my art
And yes I know it's blury it's because it wouldn't come clear and DO NOT say I stole an art,I did not plz I'm telling the truth
When I was using the app for bluring hair color/eyes it came out blury I'm sorry.
And I made Kamri's skin color more peach.
Best Friends FOREVER! by Angellover5656
Best Friends FOREVER!
This is my mascot with my friend's oc Kendall Falcon
Kendall Design: :iconangellover5656:
Kendall belongs to: :iconiiawesomeducksii:

Kamri Design: :iconangellover5656:
Kamri Belongs to: :iconangellover5656:

This is for :iconiiawesomeducksii: because she was always there when I needed her, She's my BFF ever since grade 3 (I think idk XD) and you always worry when I'm hurt, You keep my secrets and I keep ur secrets. Thank you :iconiiawesomeducksii: for everything :)

Please do not steal my art, Thank You!
Art belongs to me
Ref sheet for Kamri Akara by Angellover5656
Ref sheet for Kamri Akara
Name: Kamri Akara
Age: 14
Class: E-Class (End Class)
Height: 4'8 ft (143 cm)
Koro Sensei's opinion on Kamri: "Forever Flat" XD
Student or Teacher: Student (DUH (>*-*)>)
School: Kunugigaoko Junior High School
Nicknames: Kami-Chan or Aka-Baka (Karma calls her that XD)
Relatives: Mom-Left Kamri-Unknown
               Dad-Left Kamri-Unknown
               Sis-In London-Older-Keeps in touch
Crush: Karma (ehe so much ppl love Karma XD)
Any Skill: Flexibility, She learnt flexibility by herself because after her parents left her (not her sister) tried to stab her. (More info coming soon)
Any Weakness: Getting Left behind (I think u get it)
                        Being called something other than her name or nicknames (ex: Kam-Dum)
Why she is in E Class: Got into a fight with Asano and does pranks to someone who "has a future" but mostly the principle had enough of her getting into fights.
Appearance: Dark Magenta hair with light pink highlights,Golden Eyes,Short (the same height as Nagisa)
Uniform: Grey skirt w/ black stripes at the ends, A white shirt with a black tie, Black leggings with black shoes, Extra are her bow and microphone
Outfits: Her Uniform, Gym Outfit, Swim suit, Casual Outfit, New Equipment (the whole class has this, It can camouflage and other stuff XD) She puts the hair that's sticking out tucked into her ponytail

-Kawaii (I don't know what else to put :P)

Weapons she is good at:
Far Range weapons (ex: Anti Me Sensei Sniper I think that's the name) b/c she rather be far range than close range just for safety, So her far range rate is 8.5/10

Weapons she is bad at:
Close Range weapons (ex: Anti Me Sensei Knife I think that's the name) b/c when she has a close range weapon she begins to panic and trip XD so her close range rate is 2/10

-Kaede Kayano
-Nagisa Shiota
-Karma Akabane
-Rinka Hayami
-Itona Horibe
-Ryunosuke Chiba
-Rukiko Kanazaki
-Yuma Isogai
-Koro Sensei

Art belongs to me
All her friends belongs to Assassination Classroom
Please do not steal my art, Thank you

She's gonna be my mascot btw :3
Refsheet for Lynxette Claws by Angellover5656
Refsheet for Lynxette Claws
This belongs to me
I created the art
Here is the refsheet for Lynxette Claws
My Alien Team by Angellover5656
My Alien Team
Green Shirt: Mike Clover, Earth Identity [Disguise] : Tyson Hunter, Age: 18
Blue Shirt: Ivan Sparks, Earth Identity [Disguise] : Mika Russel, Age: 14
Black Shirt: Lynxette Claws, Earth Identity [Disguise] : Crystal Lights, Age: 11
Original Picture:…

Original Picture belongs to Tokyo Mew Mew
Everything BUT the characters belong to Tokyo Mew Mew
My Mew Mew Team by Angellover5656
My Mew Mew Team
Purple: Mew Lilith The Dog, Real Identity: Lilith Springs, Age: 12
Yellow: Mew Kendall The Duck (I added wings XD) Real Identity: Kendall Falcon Age: 11
Pink: Mew Jess The Unicorn, Real Identity: Jess Cole, Age: 13
Blue: Mew Kamri The Saber Tooth, Real Identity: Kamri Gem, Age: 15
Red: Mew Veronica The Gorilla ( XD ) Real Identity: Veronica Swirl, Age: 13
P.S I asked my friend who is who for their animals  XD.

Original pic:…

It belongs to Tokyo Mew Mew Creators
All the characters belong to me tho not the original picture...
Next will be my group the Aliens aka Animals :3
Hello! I started deviant art on the year 2015! I'm still practicing art. My class thinks my art is AMAZING! But I think it's not that amazing. As far as I can remember I started art at the age of  3 or 4! At school I'm in band with my BFF Kendall (not real name) you may have seen her oc in some of my art! Let's start getting to know me more :D I'm a fan of mango bubble tea never changing it EVER XD. My favorite book I love is probably..... hmm...Dork Diaries. Am I a CRAZY anime FREAKING YASSSS!!! My favorite anime list :
1. Assassination Classroom
2. Tokyo Mew Mew
3. Attack on Titan
4. Hunter X Hunter
5. ToraDora
Ok I'll bw updating this later XD ok bai
  • Listening to: Alice Human Sacrifices English Version
  • Reading: Something on quoetv
  • Watching: Assassination Classroom
  • Playing: Elsword
  • Eating: BBQ
  • Drinking: Bubble Tea


Angellover5656's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi My Favorite Name Is Melody Faith, I used to be a starter of deviant art, But as I progressed through this website I got the hang of it. I will support anybody who is a starter to deviant art. I don't care if they think that their artwork is bad I will LOVE it anyway. I used to be horrible at drawing to XD but as soon as my dad said I didn't need to be perfect, I knew that everybody can make mistakes when ever they like! If you work hard as a team I know you ALL could do it!even I can't tie my hair in any hairstyles yet! I know right shocking.Im still learning in the years like I'm learning karate!So my mom and sis do my hair.
That's all I have to say :3

~ Melody Out!

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