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Come and look at my art! It will be mostly anime or ppg or even Undertale so enjoy!


My favorite comics or art!



Me vs My Mascot
Woooowww I can see the difference a BIG difference XD

Art belongs to me
left is me in rl and right is my mascot
Yoshino Kotori
Name: Yoshino Kotori (Meaning: Respectful Little Bird)
Age: 13
Sign: Gemini
B-day: May 26
Status: Alive
Race: Vampire, Spirit (Not like dead... Like ones that get power and COOL weapons), Demon, Detective, Theif, CPU (reason why she has so much occupations: She has these occupations due to the animes I like)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Blood Type: B (Like Me!)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Light Brown w/ little bit brown obre effect
Occupation: Dancer, Singer, Archer and Claw weaponist, Elementary Council Principle
Relatives: Technically anybody in an Anime I like :/
Hobbies: Dancing
Favorite Food: Ramen
Least Favorite Word(s) : Promise
Traditional- A Japanese style outfit with non-attached long sleeves and two loose parts in front of her skirt, knee high boots with her outfit color coordinated into pink and orange.
Sleepwear- COMING SOON
Active Wear- COMING SOON
School Uniform- COMING SOON
Dancing and Singing- COMING SOON
Hairstyles:2 parts of her hair tied into 2 high buns fastened with pink and orange (or depending on her outfit) beads with two beaded chopsticks (same colors) in her buns (but I forgot to add them :/ ) curly uneven hair left out and on the back, mid-back ponytail fastened with pink and orange (or depending on her outfit) bead
Likes: Lollipops, Sweets, Fun, Anime
Hates: Sour, Homework (since she is the Council Principle :/ )
Personality: Childish (Because I like my Mascots to be childish XD), Gets angry easily, Bored easily, Fun, Serious (when in school outfit), Sweet (when in Traditional)  

Welp! Here she is! My new Mascot because I can! XD so yea I decided to update my Mascot and yea... My oc is myself which I'll make soon so yup!

Art belongs to me: :iconangellover5656:
Yoshino Kotori: :iconangellover5656:
Please do not steal my art
By: :iconevilmoongoddess:

Here are my Diabolik Lover Team, and their at their mansion, Yui's sister just came across Kiyoko and Blizzard by walking into their house when Yui was at the Sakamaki House/Mukami House.
Possible Q: Why is Blizzard and Kiyoko in a different mansion than their brothers?
Answer: Well, they weren't giving much attention to them, Blizzard became to be lonely with nobody playing with her, Kiyoko's brothers (biologically related to Kou Mukami even though they don't look alike :/ but their siblings with the same magic eye but pink and blue eyes) left her at the orphanage, the only thing she has to remember is Ruki's book given to her when they were still at the orphanage, Yuma's gardening skills (just pretend he does thatat the orphanage), Azusa's dagger (To keep her safe, pretend he gave that to her in the orphanage) and Kou's matching bracelets (he stole and never got caught). Oh and Blizzard and Kiyoko don't suck human blood or animal blood, but Blizzard sometimes goes out and sucks on human blood while Kiyoko is eating like a human.
Here are the information...

Blizzard's Info:
Name: Blizzard Sakamaki
Age: 15 (physically, unknown actual age)
Sign: Aries
Birthday: March 21
Status: Alive
Race: Full-fledged vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation: 1st Year High school Student
Relatives: Shu (biologically older brother), Reiji (biologically older brother), Ayato (paternal older half-brother), Kanato (paternal older half-brother), Laito (paternal older half brother), Subaru (paternal older half-brother, Karlheinz (Father), Beatrix (Mother)
Hobbie: Playing Video Games
Favorite Food: Cheese Burger
Least Favorite Word and Why: 'Gentle' Blizzard hates that word because Beatrix said she would be careful and gentle when she was talking to her but instead she wasn't gentle she was harsh on her words, she was yelling at Blizzard a lot.

Kiyoko's Info:
Name: Kiyoko Mukami
Age: 13 (physically)
Sign: Gemini
Birthday: May 26
Status: Alive
Race: Half blood vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Pink (left, Kou and Kiyoko have different magic eyes so their on the opposite eye) Blue (Right)
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Artist, Singer/Dancer/Idol, Middle School Student (7th grade) and Council President
Relatives : Kou (Biologically older brother), Ruki (adoptive older brother), Yuma (adoptive older brother), Azusa (adoptive older brother)
Hobbies: Singing
Favorite Food: Dango
Least Favorite Word and Why: 'Promise' Kiyoko hates that word because Kou (when they were at the orphanage) 'promised' her that they will all make it out alive, but instead Kou left her in the orphanage because Kou, Ruki, Azusa and Yuma were in a hurry they forgot her.

Krissy's Info:
Name: Krissy Komori
Age: 14
Sign: Cancer
Birthday: June 21
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Blood Type: O
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Ginger (don't ask why she doesn't look like her sister, reason: different DNA but biologically sisters)
Occupation: Middle School Student (8th grade)
Relatives: Yui (Biologically older sister), Seiji Komori (adoptive father)
Hobbies: Cleaning, Cooking
Favorite Food: Sushi
Least favorite Word and Why: 'I'll come back' Krissy hates that word because every time someone says that they never come back.

Blizzard: I don't think big brothers noticed I was missing :/ Oh well! Back to video games!!!
Kiyoko: Nyah! neh neh M neko~Chan (got that from Kou~nii, he called me that when we were at the orphanage) I don't think Kou~nii, Ruki~nii, Yuma~nii and Azusa~nii recognized me because now I'm almost as famous as Kou~nii!! But... *Voice turns dark* if I hear the word 'promise' I won't hesitate to track you down... *Back to happy* 'Kay?!
Krissy: Yui~nee is so weak -,- That's why after she left, I left but I'm happy because I get to have such amazing vampire friends!!! 

I got the hairstyles from the internet because I couldn't for the life of me figure out a hairstyle so... credits to the original person on Pinterest who made these hairstyles!
Icing Cream
I made a chibi art yay! I was really bored so I made this and chose a random name from my head XD The name really fits her since she has this icing effect on her clothes! Tell me more suggestions if I should make a male or female, random hair color and hairstyle and eyes, skin color and random name and tell me and ill make a chibi version! Like for ex:

-Hi! My name is {Ur user even tho I can see it XD just do it b/c maybe someone like ur cuz is using ur acc, put her/his acc if he/she has one} Can you do a {gender} chibi, with {random hair color} put n {random hairstyle} and {eye color} eyes, {skin color} skin, and name it {random name}

so yea please, comment something because I'm so bored XD (which is everyday) so yea bye Minna! (Everybody in Japanese)
Penelope Hazel {NEW CHARACTER}
I accidently deleted my (terrible) oc art and the file ;-; I was supposed to delete something else ;-; Anyways here is a new character (I luv her so KAWAII) she is from my own character from MPHFPC (Miss. Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children) Is it just me or do I watch the movie first then the book XD Ok so there are info about her and diagloge (Can't spell for the life of meh 3X)

Penelope: Mil (Millard Nullings DON'T OWN HIM, HE BELONGS TO RANSOM RIGGS I got corrected XD) isn't coming back...
More Information:
Gender: Female
Age: 85 Physical {before she came into the loop} : 11 (srry I found out Millard was 11 x3 so she isn't 16 before she went in the loop she was 11)
Loop: Cairnholm, Wales, September, 3 1940
Status: Alive (the first time I spelled this I spelled Alice XD)
Peculiarity: Speaks with Animals
Appears in: Duh my art XD not in the book(s) nor the movie.
BFF's: Fiona, Hugh, The Twins, Jacob, Claire, Bronwyn, Millard
Friends: Enoch, Emma, Olive, Horace, Abe
Personality: Childish, Kind, Caring, Sensitive, Loud Talker, Gets sleepy easily, Calm sometimes
Height: 5 cm smaller than Millard
Looks: Pastel pink hair (she dyed her light brown hair) big blue eyes w/ pink and purple specks in' em, Childish looks
History: Her parents was mean to her when they figured she brought birds in the house and made a mess. She acts childish even when she turned 11, I guess that's her way of getting out of reality. One day after her birthday (11th b-day) a Peregrine bird came into her room and Penelope whispered "You can't stay here little birdie..." as soon as she said that the Peregrine turned into a woman with blue highlights in her hair (Yes I'm using the movie for this) she introduced her self "Miss. Peregrine, delighted to meet you Miss. Hazel, you are different than others, yes? well I would like you to come to my loop please, i'll explain on the way, pack your bags quick we only have... 5 minutes left until you're parents wake up, now hurry now" Penelope didn't understand it but she packed anyways. As soon as they went to Wale island she met Millard ( because as always... STALKING PPL!! XD) and imagined him as his older brother which technically he is (He is a year older than her but their both 11,he is not her ACTUAL brother) then she made Bff's with Fiona, Hugh, The Twins,Claire, Bronwyn. The other ppl are hard for her to talk with... so their just friends. Until Abe left, Abe whispered "Lock up Penelope, for her safety." Penelope was locked up in her room what felt like forever, until Abe's nephew Jacob came along. Millard lost contact with her, when Jacob was at dinner w/ Miss. Peregrine made an announcement " Jacob would you like to wonder why there is an empty seat right beside Millard?"Jacob looked over to Millard's empty seat beside him and nodded " Well...You're grandfather (or grandpa idk) Abe told us to lock her up for...reasons...You'll meet her in 15 minutes until we finish dinner and head to bed,ALL of us will stay with you" after dinner the walked the a wall in a line and the doors opened revealing Penelope looking around until she saw Jacob and her eyes drew to Millard, Miss. Peregrine crossed her arms " There Jacob, meet Penelope Hazel, now Penelope we'll deliver food upstairs in the attic,DO NOT BREAK ABE'S RULE! Do not hug or interact with ppl other than me" Penelope nodded and head back into her room. Ok so this is starting to get long so long story short Jacob interacted with her and is her BFF now. SPOILER!!!!!!! DO NOT CONTINUE IF U DON'T WANT SPOILERS TO THE MOVIE!!! The Hollowghasts scene hasn't played yet, it's the part where Jacob interacted with her that leaves off and her history is continuing...

By: :icondia33artemis: I can't find original it won't work :/

I do not own any of the Miss. Peregrine's home for peculiar children characters!! I only own Penelope Hazel
Akara Rin
I got the Blank idea from an anime called no game no life and yea.
her brother is Tep or Ted idk in no game no life, more info on her will be released soon.
base and hair and eyes belongs to Assassination Classroom Kayano Kaede .but the girl belongs to me
Kayano X Nagisa
Nagisa Shiota and Kayano Kaede belongs to Assassination Classroom

Base and owner:… :iconpartybases:

I'll only use bases if I can't do something :) but ill attempt first and if I quit I use a base XD Or I like this base and I would use it :)
Some of My Class in Assassination Classroom
All characters other than Kendall and Kamri belongs to Assassination Classroom

Kendall belongs to: :iconiiawesomeducksii:

Kamri belongs to: :iconangellover5656:

Base and owner:… :iconsunnybearbases:

I decided I didn't want the blur because then it'll be blury -.-
Ask Kamri #2
Kamri: Kendall!!! I thought you wouldn't do that! WAAAAAA *Whispers under breath* Y-Yea I like him...W-Why?
Karma: U-Uh Kendall? Why r u thinking that? *Whispers to Kendall* And to answer your question, Yes I do Like her back....
Kendall: *Screams*

Art belongs to me
Karma belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kendall belongs to: :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Kamri belongs to: :iconangellover5656:
Lexie belongs to: :iconlexielou04:
This is my art for her contest :) Go Check out Lexielou04's contest!! And Congrats to Lexielou04 for reaching 200 WATCHERS!!!!!
*Crowd cheers* XD Congrats Lexie!
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Ask Kamri #1
Q:Kamri, am I Awesome? jk jk Why do u love Karma the guy I don't really like..... Karma Grinning 

A: I would be lying if I said you weren't awesome. You're awesome :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Uhm...K-Karma's....Handsome... *Blushes*

Keep in touch for next time!
Friends in Assassination Classroom (some)
Kaeda Kayano,Nagisa Shiota,Karma Akabane, Ritsu belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kamri belongs to :iconangellover5656:
Ask Kamri
Hey! So not very much ppl comment on my page so I may do different questions but with the same person...And you may ask others like:
Karma,Nagisa,Kayano,Ritsu, Kendall etc as long as Kamri gets to be in it :)

Karma,Nagisa,Kayano,Ritsu belongs to Assassination Classroom
Kendall belongs to :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Kendall: :iconiiawesomeducksii:
Kamri: :iconangellover5656:

Please do not steal my art thank u
and this is just switching clothes and hairstyles
Kamri Selves
Names starting from the left:
Kamri Akara
Kiera Akara
Kyle Akara
Kris Akara

Do not steal my art thank u
Alice Human Sacrifice Art
Ok first off
Do not steal my art
And yes I know it's blury it's because it wouldn't come clear and DO NOT say I stole an art,I did not plz I'm telling the truth
When I was using the app for bluring hair color/eyes it came out blury I'm sorry.
And I made Kamri's skin color more peach.
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Hello! I started deviant art on the year 2015! I'm still practicing art. My class thinks my art is AMAZING! But I think it's not that amazing. As far as I can remember I started art at the age of  3 or 4! At school I'm in band with my BFF Kendall (not real name) you may have seen her oc in some of my art! Let's start getting to know me more :D I'm a fan of mango bubble tea never changing it EVER XD. My favorite book I love is probably..... hmm...Dork Diaries. Am I a CRAZY anime FREAKING YASSSS!!! My favorite anime list :
1. Assassination Classroom
2. Tokyo Mew Mew
3. Attack on Titan
4. Hunter X Hunter
5. ToraDora
Ok I'll bw updating this later XD ok bai
  • Listening to: Alice Human Sacrifices English Version
  • Reading: Something on quoetv
  • Watching: Assassination Classroom
  • Playing: Elsword
  • Eating: BBQ
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Angellover5656's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi My Favorite Name Is Melody Faith, I used to be a starter of deviant art, But as I progressed through this website I got the hang of it. I will support anybody who is a starter to deviant art. I don't care if they think that their artwork is bad I will LOVE it anyway. I used to be horrible at drawing to XD but as soon as my dad said I didn't need to be perfect, I knew that everybody can make mistakes when ever they like! If you work hard as a team I know you ALL could do it!even I can't tie my hair in any hairstyles yet! I know right shocking.Im still learning in the years like I'm learning karate!So my mom and sis do my hair.
That's all I have to say :3

~ Melody Out!


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